Love And The Written Word

An interesting interview with Ian McEwan regarding love and writing it successfully in literature. As a romance writer myself I don’t agree with a few of the statements he makes, but can see the point he drives at for the literary fiction section of the bookstore.

Writers Anonymous – Maggie Giles

As promised, today is the first in a series of interviews with some of my fellow writers.

I found the process of talking with them to be delightful and informative – it’s been fascinating listening to all their different views on topics ranging from life, and writing, through to current industry issues and their takes on the changing face of publication.

This week I will be speaking with Maggie Giles, a prolific Canadian writer and Anne Boleyn-ophile, who has been hard at work on a trilogy set in the background of the rather Machiavellian English Tudor courts. Continue reading

The Writer’s Guide To… Different Types of Authors: Self-Publishing

…how to become self-published.


ast week we had a look at what it means to be a traditional author; one who publishes through a publishing house that subsequently does most of the work for you. Today we’re going to examine the fascinating world of self-publishing and what it takes to be a good self-publisher.

Before we get started I’m going to add a disclaimer – I am self-published, and proud of that fact.

Continue reading